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Open Aperture Productions, INC.

P.O. Box 621581  Charlotte, NC 28262

Open Aperture Productions, INC.

The recipe for the perfect wedding video starts with a great couple. Then you add the right cameras and equipment to get the perfect shots, a dash of creativity and expertise in editing, and the perfect soundtrack. Most videography companies would stop here and the video would be good. However, we have figured out the secret ingredient to make your wedding video spectacular - Capturing the storyline.

All weddings are not the same. Each has a storyline all its own. Each bride and groom has taken a different path to the wedding day. We take pride in capturing that for our couples. No camera trick in the world can replace capturing the individual story of the couple on the big day. We get to know our couples and how they found each other. We ask many questions and listen to the answers. This allows us to add the secret ingredient to our videos. That is, showing the couple their wedding day as they would have seen it had they been able to watch from a distance.

Let us capture your story. 

Jonathan Meek
Phone: (540) 664-6713

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