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This page is directed at photographers.  Brides, click here for information on becoming a Cover Bride.

Submit Images for Cover Bride / Featured Wedding

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How do I submit photos?

Click here and email us.  
Include in the subject line:  Cover Bride Submission.
Attach up to 12 photos from any one wedding. Send the 12 that you feel best represent the wedding, and would appeal to the widest audience.  Feel free to send watermarked images. 

Remember, the better the photos, the greater the chance of your wedding being featured on WedShops.  *Images must be a minumum of 600px wide.  Please do not send full resolution image. Watermakred images are fine. Images may be resized to fit within our template but will not be otherwise edited..

Include the following information:
  • Your name, company name, and contact info.
  • The name of the bride and groom.
  • The date of the wedding.
  • The name and city of both the wedding and the reception venue.
  • If you include bridal or engagement portraits, include the name and city of the location(s).
Thats it!  We will contact you to verify that we have recieved your images.   You will be contacted if your images are selected for our Featured Wedding or Cover Bride.  

Make sure you read the following rules before submitting anything to WedShops.com.  By emailing WedShops your images, you certify that you have read and understand the rules, and have permission to distribute these photographs for web publication.

  • You must either own the copyrights to the photos you submit.
  • The wedding must have taken place within the last year.
  • You must provide the name and city of both the wedding and reception venue.
  • The wedding must have taken place in or near Charlotte.
  • You must provide contact information for any other vendors for whom you want us to give credit.
  • Photos may be resized or otherwise formatted to fit our template.
  • We will choose 5-8 of the photos you submit.  WedShops will select which images we use.
  • Make sure you verify all of the information that you submit including the names and spelling of the bride, groom, venue, other vendors, etc.
  • WedShops will only use these images for the Featured Wedding and/or Cover Bride sections of our website.  We will not use these photos for any other promotional purpose unless permission is given.
  • WedShops retains full editorial control over what we put on our website.  
  • You may enter as many weddings as you like, just so long as they meet the above criteria.  All submissions must be sent seperately.
  • WedShops does not guarantee that your submission will be used.
Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
Contact us!


What is a Featured Wedding?

A Featured Wedding is a recent wedding that WedShops features on our website. We display information about the wedding, and photographs taken at the wedding. We also list the photographer, venue, and possibly other vendors, and link back to their home pages or WedShops listing pages.  

Click here to view a Featured Wedding

What is a Cover Bride?

A Cover Bride is a featured wedding that makes the front page of WedShops.  The best Featured Wedding in a given period - as determined by our staff - will be give Cover Bride status and featured on the front page of WedShops.

Click here to view a Cover Bride.

Click here to view a Featured Bride page.
Whats in it for you?
  • Free exposure for your business on WedShops.com!
  • Be featured on WedShops main page.
  • Potential to generate traffic and business from the many brides-to-be that browse our website.  
  • WedShops averages over 10,000 hits per month - almost all from the Charlotte area.

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