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Read these terms and conditions before signing up for a listing.  By submitting a listing, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to the following terms.


  • Wedshops.com has full editorial control over any text, images, or links or other content submitted to Wedshops.com.
  • WedShops reserves the right to deny ANY listing application for ANY reason.*
  • If WedShops denies your application, WedShops will refund all money in the case of credit card transfers, or not accept payment.
  • There are no refunds for any accepted paid listing.
  • WedShops does not guarantee any results in terms of sales, leads, website traffic, or anything else for any of its vendors.
  • WedShops does not guarantee the integrity or truthfulness of any clients that contact a vendor through the use of this website.

*Common reasons for denial of applications:

  1. Your business is not located in or near the area of service.
  2. Your business is not in or related to the wedding industry.

All Listings

  • The Vendor's listing will be placed online after the listing has been approved and paid for (Gold, Silver, Basic) or once the vendors link back to WedShops has been approved (Free listing).  This can take up to 10 business days.
  • A single listing can only appear in one category.
  • If a vendor wants a business to appear in multiple categories, he or she must submit multiple listings - one per category.
  • You can only list your business in relevant categories.  This will be checked by our staff.
  • If we do not have an appropriate category for your business, one can be created.  Simply email us and request a category be added:  info@wedshops.com.
  • All formatting including HTML will be stripped from any listing submitted to WedShops.
  • Listings are not editable by Vendors.  If you wish to make a change to your listing, please email info@wedshops.com.

Free Listings

  • Basic listings require a followed reciprocal link (backlink) to WedShops.com.
  • Basic listings will appear online once the backlink has been verified.
  • Removal of the backlink after verification will result in WedShops removing your listing.
  • A Basic listing is free - so there is no expiration.  It will be left online indefinitely, unless the vendor requests removal.
  • If you wish to have your listing removed, please email us at the following address:  info@wedshops.com

Gold, Silver, and Basic Listings

  • Payment for Gold, Silver and Basic listings can be made by Credit Card through PayPal or through your PayPal account. We ONLY accept payment throug PayPal.
  • Payment must be received before any Gold, Silver or Basic listing is placed online.
  • Gold, Silver, and Basic listings appear online for one full year starting the date that the listing first appears online.
  • Customers will be alerted before their Gold or Silver listing expires and offered an opportunity to renew.

If you have any questions or comments about WedShops - Charlotte NC Wedding Guide or WedShops.com, please feel free to email us:


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